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Critical Friend Business Role -Managing Risk

Risk awareness and consequential mitigation measures must be carried throughout the project, from cradle to grave.

Critical Friend Business Role - Stop and Think example

Changes and risk effect projects and programmes and we can examine in detail, the feasibility and impact on other elements of the project. The assessment must draw on those able to provide a technical opinion as well as those who will be charged with its implementation and management.  As with risks, it is necessary that opportunities are given competent ownership to ensure they are maximised. 

The introduction of V4S’ Stop and Think can result in awareness of risks & issues, risk mitigation, lower costs and optimal implementation and performance. 

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Why choose V4S and commission
our Stop and Think

  • Cost effective

    The V4 Services ‘’Stop and Think’’ approach is aimed at supporting organisations who want to look at and review working assumptions, pre-options, it also is used to review business models and strategy, it is has been proven to be highly beneficial, saving time and money before the commencement of any main body of work.

  • Value engineering

    It is an intuitive process that provides an understanding of financial or organisational impact, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and of course threats, the process can offer reflection, direct evidence to support a model or an option, or how to adapt for better outputs and outcomes.

  • Successful implementation and performance

    The wrap around support includes project management, governance, and supportive processes, identifying risks and helping to mitigate them and building a professional rapport with stakeholders. The contextual outcome from the “Stop and Think” exercise is to provide an order of the thinking pre-project commencement to governance, costs and timelines.

"V4S supported Bristol City Council with a critical and complex business transformation; offering immeasurable project support in delivering a new £multi-million Framework."

Policy & Projects Officer I Bristol City Council  

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