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Commercial Support: Strategic Contract Management

Our work is focused on interpreting, amending, or negotiating contracts. We provide clients with the highest level of professional support.

Commercial Support: Contracting

Working on contracts that range from simple type agreements for goods and services and minor works, to multi-volume bespoke contracts written specifically for the largest undertakings, including NEC/JCT construction, major programmes and social housing, V4S have provided a parallel breadth of experience.

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Various forms of contracting we support

  • Tendered and negotiated

    As recommended in the Sourcing Playbook, a negotiated route is for complex outsourcing. V4S offer capability to plan, run and deliver projects where dialogue with bidders is needed, testing assumptions and solutions to evolve the contract.

  • Single tender and staged submissions

    While single stage tendering is traditional, two stage tendering offers increased collaboration, flexibility, and cost certainty. The two-stage process allows for early contractor involvement and risk allocation, resulting in optimised project outcomes.

    V4S offer capability to plan, run and deliver end to end procurement projects. 

  • Target Cost

    Aims to deliver a contract which aligns the interests of both parties. Both parties must be clear on the details and requirements.

    V4S offer capability to plan, run and deliver target cost contracts, setting up a project where fees, costs and risks are understood.  

"V4S supported Bristol City Council with a critical and complex business transformation; offering immeasurable project support in delivering a new £multi-million Framework."

Policy & Projects Officer I Bristol City Council  

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