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The power of Strategic Delivery Partnerships, the power of V4S

The journey towards successful strategic partnering begins with recognising the power of collaboration and being open to embracing it wholeheartedly.

V4 can provide a flexible and customised strategic partnership model for organisations

By partnering with V4 Services as your procurement consultancy, you’ll be gaining expertise in this area that you might not have in-house, securing a significant ROI.

We can help you to navigate the new rules and align your processes, systems and people, providing a knowledge transfer framework embedded into your organisation.

Strategic Delivery Partnership - Section 2 - 600x400 - Workers find solutions to project issues

We can talk to you about the benefits, and
we can show you the benefits.

  • Trusted Advisory Support

    Focus on shared values and complementary strengths. 

  • Seamless working

    We work alongside you and offer support.

  • Transparency

    We ensure transparency and keep you up to date with all stages of the project.

"V4S supported Bristol City Council with a critical and complex business transformation; offering immeasurable project support in delivering a new £multi-million Framework."

Policy & Projects Officer I Bristol City Council  

Get started with V4 Services today
in just three easy steps

  • Step 1

    Complete the form with your details and a short outline description of your requirements.

  • Step 2

    The relevant sector lead will make contact to discuss your requirement in more detail.

  • Step 3

    Subject to approval of our costed proposal and a Supplier Services Agreement, we will commence delivery to agreed timescales.