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Housing 2024: Insights, Innovations, and a Peek Behind the Curtain

Housing 2024, held June 25th – 27th, in Manchester, was an essential gathering for local authorities, housing associations, government bodies, house builders, developers, and key partners in the housing sector. As a Business Management Consultant, I participated in this dynamic event during the second day and gathered significant insights that highlight the evolving landscape of housing in the UK.   

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Event Overview: Housing at a Glance  
Housing 2024 served as a comprehensive platform for stakeholders in the housing sector to converge and share knowledge, strategies, and innovations. The event brought together build-to-rent landlords, co-living and multi-family operators, single-occupancy and student living providers, and representatives from health, housing, and care sectors. The overarching theme was #bettertogether, emphasising the importance of collaboration in addressing housing challenges and improving the quality of living for all residents.  

Key Takeaways 

  1. Practical Implementation of the Procurement Act - Richard Brooks provided a top five list of practical measures for October, including strategies, conflict management, procedures, systems, and frameworks. His session focused on translating the Procurement Act into actionable steps, recognising the constraints of limited resources and busy schedules. It was like watching someone turn legal jargon into a to-do list—practical magic at its finest. 
  2. Enhancing Tenant-Centric Services- The session on tenant-centric services stressed the importance of understanding tenants' needs through quality data. Improving data quality and insight is crucial for enhancing the tenant experience and focusing improvement activities. Additionally, with upcoming changes in tenant access to landlord performance information, empowering tenants to hold housing providers accountable was a significant discussion point. Think of it as giving tenants a magnifying glass and a whistle to ensure they get the best service possible. 


Relevant Examples 
The Housing 2024 conference in Manchester highlighted various innovative approaches and collaborative efforts to address housing challenges. For instance: 

  1. Devolution and Retrofit Initiatives - Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham discussed accelerating housebuilding by transferring train stations to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) for housing development. He also suggested releasing public land owned by entities like the NHS and Network Rail without demanding full market value, which could significantly boost housing supply. Essentially, it's like finding hidden treasure in your own backyard. 
  2. Labour Party’s Housing Plans - Sir Keir Starmer outlined the Labour Party’s housing plans, including capping service charges within the planning system. This session sparked lively debates on health, mergers, and the role of football in community development. Who knew football could be a game-changer off the pitch too?
  3. Regional Leadership and Sustainability - Regional mayors shared ambitious plans for the housing sector, covering leadership, sustainability, affordable housing, and economic recovery. These discussions underscored the need for innovative approaches and funding to address the housing crisis effectively.  


Pain Points Addressed 
Several common challenges in the housing sector were addressed, including: 

  1. The enduring undersupply of new homes. 
  2. The need for improved safety and sustainability in existing homes. 
  3. The importance of tenant empowerment and accountability. 
  4. The necessity for collaboration among public and private entities to optimise housing development and retrofitting efforts.

Solutions Offered 
Housing 2024 proposed several solutions to these challenges: 

  1. Collaborative Approaches: Emphasising the importance of collaboration among local authorities, housing associations, and private developers to accelerate housebuilding and improve living standards. 
  2. Innovative Funding Models: Exploring innovative funding models and partnerships to facilitate affordable housing and retrofit projects. 
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Enhancing data quality and leveraging insights to make informed decisions that improve tenant experiences and service delivery.

Personal Insights  
Throughout the event, it was evident that collaboration was a key focus for many attendees that I had the pleasure of connecting with. I felt a sense of pride knowing that my connections shared a common goal of making a significant difference in the housing sector. The enthusiasm and dedication to improvement were palpable, and it's clear that our collective efforts will drive positive change. 

From my perspective, this event reaffirmed that V4Services is exceptionally well-positioned to be a valuable partner in this sector. With over 20 years of experience in housing and consultancy, our team at V4Services brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise. We are passionate about contributing to innovative solutions and sustainable development in the housing industry. 

If you are seeking a dedicated partner with a proven track record to tackle housing challenges and drive meaningful improvements, look no further than V4Services. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration can help your organisation achieve its goals. 

If you would like to learn more or discuss how we can collaborate to improve housing solutions, please get in touch: 

  • Andrew Edwards 
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  • Phone: 07584099582 

Housing 2024 was an enlightening experience, reinforcing the critical need for innovative, collaborative, and data-driven approaches to tackle the housing sector's challenges. Let's work together to create a better future for housing in the UK.