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Strategic Partner for Procurement & Commercial Support Services

Bristol City Council (BCC) is a unitary council. BCC provides a diverse range of services supporting people who live, work and visit this vibrant city. The council is committed to building a better city, with place and people strategies to ensure social, economic and community involvement, to deliver outcomes that evidence ROI. They have ambitious visions to build a better city and V4S and Atebion are part of that journey.

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Diagnostic Review

Bristol is a mixed economy of service providers these being internal, partnerships and external. Our diagnostic review focused on external data. We took spend data from finance system which we mapped to a category tree. The review focused on third party spend to identify opportunities to stop spend, reduce demand and reduce spend.

The project has been managed in waves the first review included, Transport Services, Professional and Consultancy, and Tail spend. Using out Delivery Management Toolkit our experienced procurement team produced category plans and sourcing strategies which will deliver efficiency and cost savings.

Contact Management

Following unprecedented times, BCC required reviews of their strategic contracts. Ensuring that the agreed KPI’s are being Diagnostic Review Contract Management delivered, T&C’s are being fully adhered to, optimum value is being achieved given the current economic environment, appropriate opportunities are being identified and financial climate and constraints in which local government is operating being adhered to.

We reviewed 9 critical service delivery contracts using clear methodology across Adult Social Care, FM and Sexual Health and provided commissioners and service managers with recommendations from improved data management commercial improvements and delivery of future savings through commissioning strategies for next generation contracts.

A further piece of work we have delivered is to support the development and roll out of a prioritised Contract Management Framework and support the embedding of a culture of enhanced contract management within the organisation, and to support the production of e-learning contract management module.

Strategic Partner

V4S and Atebion, acting as BCC’s strategic partner added capability and capacity when required. This model offered flexibility and agility to BCC’s procurement function. We delivered a number of procurements for BCC working with a virtual team we managed end to end procurements, our expertise covers Adult Social Care, FM, Leisure and Built Environment & Regeneration.


Following the COVID-19 outbreak it became more apparent local authorities have for many years run operations at full capacity, ordered from suppliers that aligned to minimize costs, worked to just in time and just good enough and this has worked well. However, this has not helped businesses survive or thrive through the pandemic. What is needed is resilience for suppliers to survive the long-term effects and both buyers and suppliers will need to shift their strategic thinking. V4 Services are supporting BCC as they aim to deliver a target operating model.